Mounting and Dry Mounting

Dry mounting

This is the process of permanently mounting a paper product using heat and pressure. We use this mounting method for posters, prints, photos, signs, and other decorative art.

Dry mounting will keep items from “waving” between glass and a backing board. Dry mounting may or may not remove existing wrinkles or creases in an item. Foam board is what primarily use. Other board types or substrates are available.

Dry mounting should not be used for items that may have value – sentimental or monetary. Original photographs, limited addition prints and original works of art are among items that need to be treated in a different way. We can help you make those decisions.

Hinge Mounting

This is a method we use to mount items that we would not want to permanently mount for whatever reason. We tend to use this method for framing smaller photographs, limited edition works of art, and originals.