Art and Mirror Installation

Hanging an 8×10 family photo is a very easy task. The framed photo is light and only requires one nail.

Imagine If?

Imagine if your better half comes home with a framed and autographed Payton Manning Super Bowl Championship limited edition print. He eyeballs the placement, tacks a nail in the wall and hangs the print. Done!

Minutes later you’re eating dinner and hear a loud crash. You run around the corner to find the Peyton Manning print broken and in sad shape. The print is damaged and so is the antique desk your grandmother gave you that was below the print.

You’d be surprised how often this situation happens. All because the wrong installation materials and technique were not used.

When framed pieces get heavy your need the correct installation materials and knowledge to install them properly.

Yep, We’re Insured and Experienced

We are fully insured and capable of handling any of your art or mirror installation needs.

If you choose to do your own installation, we would be happy to help with any questions or advice you may seek.